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Posted on 08-06-22, 11:57 pm

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I "almost" finished your hack and my overall impression is: While the 'remake' levels are a bit meh (but nice), the custom ones are really fun to play. Also liked to get the big coins, some of them are a great challenge. The worst part is the difficulty in some levels, I admit I had to use savestates in some cases.
I said I almost finished your hack because it crashed when entering the credits level, but it wasn't important (looks like my M3 card gives me problems in some romhacks).
Posted on 11-05-22, 01:47 am

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the link is dead , could you please post a new one ?
Posted on 11-14-22, 12:34 pm

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Patch still available at romhacking
Posted on 11-14-22, 09:15 pm

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The link in the top post works fine though.
GitHub - Kuribo64 - YouTube
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