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Posted on 12-29-14, 10:51 pm (rev. 1 by  Arceus on 12-29-14, 10:53 pm)
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So, I was just playing a bit of SMB. TNW and found that strange bug.

And now the interesting part:
This happens with EVERY block. Also powerup and vine! That could be used for some mean things
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Posted on 12-29-14, 11:05 pm
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Oh, nice find.

That's interesting. I will do some tests and check if I can find this a good use.
Posted on 12-30-14, 10:23 am (rev. 1 by  MeroMero on 12-30-14, 10:24 am)

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Example of an application

The gap between the wall to the left of the Coin Brick is chosen so that Mario/Luigi can't turn Mega, remember he needs at least 3 tiles wide and 7 tiles high to grow big.

Fun trivia: It doesn't work with Roof Spiny, even though their behavior are similar !
Posted on 12-30-14, 11:37 am

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This is really weird. Can it ever be seen in game or with any other sprites?
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Posted on 12-30-14, 11:51 am

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Yes, it can be reproduced on the original game in the underground area of level 5-C.
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