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Posted on 12-08-14, 02:41 pm

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This might be a sad day for Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo gamers, but Ralph H. Baer, who was known as "The Father of Video Games" has passed away last Saturday at his home in age 92. He was known for the first home video game console which is called Magnavox Odyssey that was released back in 1972. He was born in March 8, 1922 in Germany in a Jewish family. At age 11 he and his family escaped Germany and moved to America. He was married with Dena Whinston in 1952 and she died in 2006. On February 13, 2006, Baer was awarded the National Medal of Technology by President George W. Bush in honor of his "groundbreaking and pioneering creation, development and commercialization of interactive video games".

Now Ralph H. Baer is on a pieceful place along Hiroshi Yamauchi and Gunpei Yokoi. He will be always remembered as "The Father of the Video Game Industries".

This thread is simular to the one i made last year.

Rest in Peace Ralph H. Baer 1922-2014

Here is an article if you want to read it:
Posted on 12-08-14, 10:30 pm
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Rest in piece, he will be missed.

Although it is sad that he has died, its great that he got to live so long and see what he had started evolve into what it is today.
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