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Posted on 12-02-14, 04:25 pm

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These are the first Pokémon games in ages that I really enjoy. Probably becaue I already loved Ruby/Saphire/Emerald.
Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire are really well remade games. There are just some things that I don't quite like about them:
  • They really fucked up Mauville City. Now its just one big building and has nothing to do with the good old Mauville City we knew long ago.
  • They somehow fucked up the gooooooood music on Route 113. The melody is still the same, but it sounds somehow like some future style instruments.
  • As a remake they follow Ruby and Saphire really strictly. I would have loved to see some cool Elements about Emerald in it as well, but they didn't seem to put any of them in the game. (For example the battle zone you reach after the elite 4)
  • They got rid of the gaming hall (casino) and they got rid of the Berry Mixer that generated the Pokéblocks (Now you just need to choose the berries and it gets generated automatically)

Well, all in all i would say its worth its 40 bucks!

But Game Freak somehow ran out of ideas. They lost the creativity they have got ages ago. This game is just so good because its a remake. New Pokémon games (like BW2, BW, XY) are so linear. You get to one city, finish the gym leader and switch to the next route and defeat the next gym leader. Up until the 4th generation Pokémon games weren't so regular.
It is too easy to complete the Pokédex now. You can catch almost every Pokémon on one version. In order to complete the Pokédex in the 4th generation you needed to trade with Saphire, Ruby, Leaf Green, Fire Red, Diamond/Pearl. Now either X or Y is enough to have it finished (even if there are double as many Pokémon out there now, the time it takes has been quatered)

I somehow hate Game Freak for this fuck-up, but still I am happy like a little 9-years-old when the new Pokémon game gets released every year.
Posted on 12-02-14, 05:44 pm

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I fail to see how BW2 was linear. There was a ton of junk to keep you occupied, it had some of my favorite aspects from anything that ever appeared in a pokemon game (Join Avenue, Black Tower/White Treehollow) and it actually had a really decent post-game, unlike XY, which I found really disappointing except for the OMG WOW 3D part.

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Well you are right, XY was really bad either. But XY's Pokémon had more creative Pokémon again (nothing could beat 5th generation's Pokémon).
But just compare BW/BW2 with elder generations (up to 4th).
Just look at the map. Different cities and parts of the maps were connected to each other. Since 5th generation a map looks like this:

You just go through the map extremely linear. 1, 2, 3, 4, ...., elite 4...Then the game was beaten.

Until the 4th generation you needed to go to cities that you have already visited and go to different routes again. Gyms weren't as linear as in 5th generation and up. There were more cities/villages all over the map. In EVERY city there was something unique to do.

Well..., thats my point of view.
Posted on 12-02-14, 07:22 pm
Roy Koopa

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There are like no side-quests related to the story in newer games.
See a lots of creative DS Hacking here
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Dunno, mauville city is better than it was before. in RSE it was just the gym, mart, pokecenter and 2 houses (and the gme corner) I was skeptical as first, but this new mauville city is loads better(more to do)
They ruined new mauville though

Oh and yeah, the sounfont on route 113 has too much echo/wind int it :<

About the battle frontier, its supposed to be coming somewhere in the future. But we dont know how or when. (Its just the derp battle maison from XY which is like the battle tower)

Also yes, they made it that way so in ORAS and XY you can coplete the game. Its more accessible really.
And the game corner had to go because of silly gambling laws in the US and europe.
Dunno if the japanese version has the game corner (like it happened with HGSS)

But yeah, newer games are linear. Apparently people complain here that Hoenn wasnt linear and people got lost


Posted on 12-02-14, 08:06 pm

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I admit that I actually got lost in Hoenn several times in a lot of my playthroughs, but I don't understand why people complain about it being non-linear, since they just go on to whine about it being 'too linear' later, when they make the changes.

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Posted on 12-03-14, 04:19 pm

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Posted by gridatttack
And the game corner had to go because of silly gambling laws in the US and europe.
Dunno if the japanese version has the game corner (like it happened with HGSS)

I heard about that too. Fuck the law. Why would the removal of a game corner inside a game make children better people in their later life.
Posted on 12-03-14, 04:50 pm

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i have omega ruby!
Posted on 12-09-14, 03:58 pm

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If you own the game, play until the Delta Episode. It is so fucking awesome!
Posted on 12-17-14, 05:19 pm

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i have finished this game yesterday with all possible legendarys in this game except creselia!
Posted on 12-17-14, 06:07 pm
Buster Beetle
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Got the game, finished it, and now shiny hunting, yeah.
Anyways I'm gonna throw on my review about what I disliked.

1. Shiny Beldum. Just no gamefreak, why do you give a shiny like that?! And it's a FUCKING BELDUM, THAT THING WITH A 3/255 CATCH RATE Oo...
2. "Latios/Latias joined your party, select a Pokemon to send into your PC" That's rude. First, you don't even need to catch them... why? Because you saved it, so it will let its sister/brother die alone on that island that you can't fly on with the Eon Flute because Lati@s somehow forgot this island existed... what? I'm fine with send into the PC thing, but meh...
3. Battle Zone. No really, do we still have to deal with the FREAKING USELESS BATTLE MANSION?!

Those are the only things I disliked in the game, everything else was mostly fine, like...

1. The Illuminati episode. Sorry, had to do this joke, Deoxys, a triangle...
Something I disliked there was that you cannot listen to the music when you ride Rayquaza into space again. Also Rayquaza was too easy to catch, I just throw the QuickBall. I'm not even talking about Zinnia battle... Dragon Pulse <3
2. Mirage Legendaries. This is awesome. And you know why? You can reset to have them as SHINIES!!
I had a shiny Lugia in approximatively ~120 SRs (246 if I count Ho-Ohs one I did before getting my sister's Alpha Saphirre)
3. No Darkrai as mirage legendaries. Thanks Gamefreak, we will not have to deal with him... My Timid Latios outspeed it sometimes and OHKO him, but this things still makes me do nightmares...

Anyways I'm mostly happy with what gamefreak did, and I still have plenty of things to do...
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Posted on 12-21-14, 12:12 pm
Death by cuteness

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So I downloaded Omega Ruby, mind you I downloaded it to see:
_if I was still capable of completing a Pokédex,
_if you can complete it using only 1 version and the GTS.

So after 11 days, I managed to get the 706 necessary Pokémon (you need Deoxys) for the Pokédex to be considered complete.

Now I got both the Oval Charm and the Shiny Charm.
Naturally I wanted to test something.

Shiny probability as of Gen VI is 1 in 4096, right ?

This means that for each Horde encounter you have roughly a 1 in 820 chance of encountering at least 1 shiny:

We also know that the Shiny Charm make the game call the PID function 3 times:
_until one of the calls generates a shiny
_or at the third call, where the game stops calling the function regardless of whether the PID generates a shiny Pokémon or not
This nets approximately a 1 in 1366 chance of encountering a shiny at minimum.

So what happens when you spam Sweet Scent to generate Horde encounters while being equipped with the Shiny Charm ?

You get roughly a 1 in 274 chance of encountering at least 1 shiny

So yesterday evening, I put that into practice and generated Horde encounters until I found a shiny.
Found a shiny Zigzagoon at Route 117 (considering 4 Oddish were accompanying her)

Good, afterwards I went into Rusturf Tunnel to Sweet Scent for Whismur, and no more than 30 minutes after I found Zigzagoon, one of the Whismur shone

TL;DR Shiny Charm + Horde encounters make it ridiculously easy to get a shiny !
Posted on 12-21-14, 02:58 pm
Buster Beetle
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...This is why I don't want to complete the pokedex now...
I'm SR ing for shiny Mesprit and currently at 1500 SRs.
The shiny charm will make things a lil' too easy, and also, 1/274 shiny rate in a horde is... big...

Also, does the shiny charm affect the Chain Fishing? I'm just curious about that, because it's already easy to find shiny Gyaradoses...
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Posted on 12-21-14, 03:35 pm (rev. 1 by  gridatttack on 12-21-14, 03:35 pm)

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I only benefit of the shiny charm when hatching eggs. Wild pokemon shiny and hordes are a bit useless other than sentimental value...

I did SR for a shiny reshiram the past week and got it in 43 SR.

I already have the other legendary shiny :>

And no, SR for a shiny legend with the shiny charm isnt easy. Its all luck. People have been now over 3k resets even with shiny charm

Posted on 12-21-14, 05:44 pm
Buster Beetle
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Lucky you... I gave up on Reshiram after ~1500 resets because I realized I wouldn't be happy when I will get it, so I moved on Mesprit which I really like.
I wish you luck if you are planning to do another shiny legendary tough.
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Posted on 12-21-14, 06:44 pm

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I'm going to SR for Mudkip but I wish the main legendaries where not shiny locked!
Posted on 12-21-14, 10:53 pm
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Good luck on Mudkip. I will do this one with Masuda when I'll have time to.
Still on Mesprit around 1930 Srs
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Posted on 12-27-14, 05:55 pm (rev. 2 by  MeroMero on 12-31-14, 08:34 am)
Death by cuteness

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Searching for shiny legendaries : bypass the PP-Struggle issue !

EDIT :Deleted the video, I find that mind-boggling how on NSMBHD some of you guys have the politeness to answer, yet on PokéCommunity no one even gave a fuck about that post
Seems the new user stigma is something still going strong even nearing 2015…

Isn't it frustrating to lose a shiny Pokémon because it Struggled itself to death ?*
Do you wish there was a surefire way to prevent a shiny from losing all its PP ?

Search no more, I've found something that might very well make PP-Struggle a thing of the past !

The trick here is to use a Pokémon who has Pickup as its ability and who can learn Skill Swap or Entrainment; turns out that such a Pokémon didn't exist until Gen VI, which saw the introduction of Dedenne !
What was that about Pickup ?
Don't forget that since Gen V, a Pokémon with Pickup will pick a consumed item by the opposing Pokémon at the end of the turn the item was used, provided the Pokémon with Pickup doesn't already hold an item of its own.
Isn't there a held item that allow a Pokémon to restore one move's PP ?
That would be the Leppa Berry.
Pickup, Leppa Berry, you can see where this is going…

Your party should look like something like this:

lead (importance : 4), your Synchronizer

2nd Pokémon (importance : invaluable), Pickup Dedenne:
Dedenne Lv.100 @ ~
_Eerie Impulse / ~

3rd Pokémon (importance : 3), Aqua-Grain Smeargle:
Smeargle Lv.100 @ Leftovers
_Eerie Impulse / Substitute
_Aqua Ring
_Baton Pass

4th Pokémon (importance : 1), Booster Smeargle:
Smeargle Lv.100 @ Leftovers / ~
_Skill Swap
_Simple Beam
_Baton Pass

5th Pokémon (importance : 2), Merciful Smeargle:
Smeargle Lv.100 @ Leftovers / ~
_Dark Void / Yawn / Spore / Odor Sleuth / Foresight
_False Swipe / Hold Back
_Baton Pass

last Pokémon (importance : invaluable), Receiver Smeargle:
Smeargle Lv.100 @ Leppa Berry
_Skill Swap
_Trick / Switcheroo
_Dark Void / Yawn / Spore

~ means filler, aka you can put whatever fits your boat here.
The higher the importance, the more dependable your Pokémon is.
If your Dedenne was bred with Eerie Impulse, Aqua-Grain Smeargle should have Substitute.
Odor Sleuth and Foresight are for Giratina.
Dark Void is the preferred option here despite the 80% accuracy, which shouldn't be a problem anyway thanks to Acupressure; immediate effect and let you hit Virizion.
Yawn is the second slash, sporting infinite accuracy but need 2 turns to take effect.
Spore is the last option, 100% accuracy is always nice but be wary of Virizion.

Basically the stereotypical fight should play like this:
Turn 1: Pickup Dedenne uses Entrainment
Turns 2 to 4: Pickup Dedenne use Charm
Turn 5: Switch to Aqua-Grain Smeargle
Turn 6: Aqua-Grain Smeargle uses Ingrain
Turn 7: Aqua-Grain Smeargle uses Aqua Ring
Turns 8 to 10: Aqua-Grain Smeargle uses Eerie Impulse
Turn 11: Aqua-Grain Smeargle Baton Passes to Booster Smeargle
Turn 12: Booster Smeargle uses Skill Swap
Turn 13: Booster Smeargle uses Simple Beam
Turn 14: Booster Smeargle uses Skill Swap
Turns 15 to 28: Booster Smeargle uses Acupressure
Turn 29: Booster Smeargle Baton Passes to Merciful Smeargle
Turn 30: Merciful Smeargle uses Dark Void / Yawn / Spore / Odor Sleuth / Foresight
Turn 31: Merciful Smeargle uses False Swipe / Hold Back (Repeat as many times as needed, usually 1 more time is enough)
Turn 32: Merciful Smeargle uses Substitute
Turn 33: Merciful Smeargle Baton Passes to Receiver Smeargle
Turn 34: Receiver Smeargle uses Skill Swap
Turn 35: Receiver Smeargle uses Trick / Switcheroo

From there, Smeargle will pick up the Leppa Berry every time the opposing Pokémon consumes it, but what if Smeargle ends up being the one who consumes it ?
This is where Recycle enters the stage, basically neither Smeargle nor the legendary should run out of PP with this method !

The great thing is that pretty much all legendaries have at least 35 PP when totaling the PP of their current moveset, the lowest being 40 PP for Palkia and the highest capping at 85 PP for Suicune.
The only notable exceptions are Lugia and Ho-Oh (from whom you have to steal its Sacred Ash first), who only have 20 PP at their disposal, so adapt your strategy !

20 PP:
Lugia, Ho-Oh

40 PP:

45 PP:
Latias, Latios (for the one that requires the Eon Ticket, though the maingame Lati@s can be shiny !)

50 PP:
Regirock, Registeel, Terrakion, Virizion, Dialga, Giratina

55 PP:
Regice, Cobalion

60 PP:
Uxie, Azelf, Landorus, Zekrom, Kyurem

65 PP:
Entei, Reshiram

70 PP:

75 PP:
Thundurus, Regigigas

80 PP:
Mesprit, Tornadus, Heatran, Cresselia

85 PP:

You will also have problems when resetting for the following legendaries:
1-star ★ (those require 1 species of Pokémon on your party):
Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Tornadus, Thundurus

2-stars ★★ (those require 2 species of Pokémon on your party):
Landorus, Giratina, Kyurem

3-stars ★★★ (those require 3 species of Pokémon on your party !):
Regigigas, Dialga, Palkia

Considering that your lead is probably going to be your Synchronizer, and Pickup Dedenne as well as Receiver Smeargle are pretty much required, you have:
_2 free slots for 1-star Pokémon
_1 free slot for 2-star Pokémon
_no free slot for 3-star Pokémon

So now I only have one more thing to say, Happy shiny hunting !

*That never happened to me though , plus I'm not really into shiny hunting like I used to.
Posted on 12-27-14, 07:21 pm

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I just really used a synchro, my competitive breloom w/ spore and substitute and hold back metagross.

Worked great when I caught a shiny reshiram.

Posted on 12-27-14, 08:48 pm
Death by cuteness

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Well, that works too, but that's only because 65 PP is a lot.

Just be careful if you plan to search for shiny Ho-Oh then

Updated previous post with video.
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