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Hi everyone, this is the thread for my next hack along with Crystal Stars 64, Shining Stars 2.

Story: The Shining Stars stolen by Bowser in SS1 have now returned back to their place as the Grand Shining Star. Bowser, still wanting his lava bath, has found 121 more shining stars hidden in a faraway land known as Shine Sanctuary. To protect from Mario collecting all of the stars, he builds a great mirror, and hides half of the shining stars in mirrored worlds. Mario needs to collect all of the stars and stop Bowser's plan, again.

This hack should have 121 stars, very new music, and some ASM hacking. I also plan on using new instruments (thanks to Megaman511again for the tutorial )

Piranha Creek (jungle level) - Model Finished, Objects almost done 75%

Music: SM3DW Piranha Creeper Creek

Winter Forest (snow/ forest level)- Model Finished, Objects almost done, 60%

Music: Pokemon X and Y - Snowbelle City

Great Windy Sea (ocean level)

Music: LoZ Wind Waker - Great Sea/ Dragon Roost Island

Stormy Sky City (city level) - Model Finished, Starting objects, 50%

Music: Sonic 3D Blast - Puppet Panic Zone Act 1

Sunrise Bayside (bay level)

Music: MK8 - Sunshine Airport

Bowser's Mirror Maze

Music: PMTTYD - X Naut Fortress

Mizumi Desert (desert/lake level)

Triplet Peaks (haunted mountain level)

Music: PMTTYD - Twilight Town or Twilight Trail

Nighttime Piranha Creek (night jungle level)

Music: SM3DW - Piranha Creeper Creek

Flaming Foliage (fire forest level)

Music: Bomberman 64 - Red Mountain, SMS Corona Mountain

Cursed Sea (cursed ocean level)

Music: LoZ Wind Waker - Cursed Ocean / Dragon Roost Island

Whirlwind City (sunny/windy city level)

Sunset Bayside (sunset bay level)

Tundra Lake (snow/lake level)

Sea Volcano Lagoon (underwater mountain level)

Supernova Skies (lava/space level)

Darkness Destination (space level)

Music: SMG - Buoy Base Galaxy/ Space Junk Galaxy

Bowser and the Scattered Worlds

Music: PMTTYD - Riddle Tower
Shining Stars Progress!
Adding objects in Courses 13,15 and Bowser 2/3
Beta Testing soon

Composing custom NSMB music!
Snow Underground
Posted on 11-17-14, 09:25 pm
Giant Red Koopa

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Looks great so far! I will be sure to check it out when its done .
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