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Posted on 10-24-14, 04:53 am (rev. 1 by  Bobberto1995 on 10-24-14, 05:33 am)

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It's been a while since I've been on this site, since I fixed broke my DS last year. Here is a warehouse themed tileset that I made using textures from CGTextures. It doesn't blend with NSMB's look and feel, but I think it's pretty neat.



oops forgot screenshots...

Posted on 10-24-14, 07:48 am

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Your right about it not blending, for one thing it probably needs more shading.

But your right about it being pretty nice too!
Posted on 10-24-14, 12:05 pm
Giant Red Koopa

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My only problem is the outline is too dark, or the rest is too light.
But hey, still looks good!
Posted on 10-25-14, 02:15 am
Fuzz Ball
KirbyFanatic64 (LOL)

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Wow, this looks nice! If you have time, you should really make it NSMB-ish! BTW it looks perfectly compatible with SMB3 or SMW levels.


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