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Death by cuteness

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Self-explanatory video

Posted on 09-14-14, 07:38 pm

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Those soundtracks bring old memories back again.
Posted on 09-18-14, 12:16 pm
Fuzz Ball
KirbyFanatic64 (LOL)

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Cool! Arceus Fairy Type in Gen IV.

How can you create Pixie Plate BTW?

Great games must be fun, not fancy.

Music Hacker needed! PM me if you wish!
Posted on 09-18-14, 02:31 pm
Death by cuteness

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I'll tell that in due time, my friend
Most likely I'm telling when I'm done with all the other tutorials, I'm saving this one for last.

And when I'm done with that I still have to submit the change propositions to the Sprite DB.

Yep. I pretty much set up myself into a corner with everything I have to do
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