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Posted on 08-27-14, 11:46 am
Red Cheep-cheep

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I'm not sure if it's even possible to have animated tiles in a standard tileset, but if it is, the editor should support it!
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Posted on 08-27-14, 11:47 am

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I don't think it is possible.
Posted on 08-27-14, 12:16 pm (rev. 2 by Thierry on 08-28-14, 04:33 pm)
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It's simply not possible (without ASM). Look at how the actual animations works and you will understand why.

But you can edit the existing animations if you want.
Posted on 08-28-14, 03:31 pm
Super Mario
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Needs ASM hacking. I did it for the nsmbcr ASM hacks.
Posted on 08-28-14, 03:31 pm, deleted by  Dirbaio
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