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Posted on 08-18-14, 09:55 pm
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Although some might not be interested, this may be an interesting game to work with.

As you all know, there is a SMS bin editor that has been released to the public. It's not really easy to use, but once you understand it, you get the hang of it.
Try this tutorial:

Most of file formats are understood, and we've already gotten some custom models imported into the game!

Objects are stored in IndxGroups, and have "params", which are pretty much settings. X position, y, z, etc.
Ralley files are also located in the scene folder. They're paths for moving objects, and more. Cameras are not understood yet, but we're looking into it.

If you want to know more, go ahead and head on to Sunshine Realm to help contribute. We hope to have a wiki up soon, but we're getting there. File formats and the way the game works is still starting documentation, and hopefully we can build ourselves a much bigger editor.


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