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Posted on 07-31-14, 02:20 pm
me some orange juice my hand

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So, we used to have a Minecraft server. You probably don't remember, but we did.

And there's this friend of mine who started a server and has like, no activity on it, and it has plotme-creative right now and will (possibly) have regular survival like the old server.
It's cracked, so the folks with cracked minecraft accounts will be able to join.
It's not whitelisted, BUT there's like no people on it so I guess it's okay.

So um, if you want to know, the IP is "". See you on it?

Posted on 07-31-14, 02:23 pm

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Sounds cool. I'll join.
Posted on 09-18-14, 05:45 pm
Giant Red Koopa

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is it 1.8?
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