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So...I Started to Make a NSMB Hack Well Here's a Video For Ya

Sub My Channel For Updates
Level Desingers: hamza62240-

Titlesets: TRS-

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Inactive, don't bother

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YouTube won't let us show your video so maybe you are not a genie after all.

And that :~U face was not supposed for insert random content here. it was made to point out to people that they shouldn't use "u" instead of "you".
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Posted on 07-24-14, 08:49 pm

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wesley its still uploading now i am gonna post screenshots please dont be rude
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You need to have at least 1 world completed to post your hack. You should really read the rules for posting a hack at this thread: RULES FOR POSTING A HACK -- READ THIS BEFORE POSTING HERE!.

Closing this thread. Feel free to post a new thread when you have 1 complete world available for download.

By the way you can link to user profiles using the "user" tag, for example like this:  Dirbaio
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