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Posted on 07-17-14, 11:48 pm

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So yeah, I'd like to spend some time to learn something about SM64 (n64) rom hacking.
I'd like to ask if anybody managed to replace the mario model with something else.
In particular I'd like to ask:
1) what about model's animations, and how they are handled/replaced.
2) what about collisions ? how they are stored in the game engine ?
3) what about textures ?

Thanks for the help!
Posted on 07-17-14, 11:55 pm

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Unfortunately, I dont have an answer to your questions, but I could redirect you here:

Its a whole forum section dedicated to SM64
Perhaps you can find your answers there.

Posted on 07-18-14, 11:19 am

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The official forum should also be a good place (
Will pay unspecified $ for NSMB beta.
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