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do you guys remember watching this video:
(skip to 40 sec)
Tomodachi Collection is actually going to be named "大人のオンナの占い手帳" or "Divination notebook of adult woman" and was a ds project game
and the mii maker was like this that time:

and when i searching tomodachi collection rom with MKDS Course Modifier, i found this model, it was like that screenshot, here:

this is beta mii body model with beta dancing animation just like in video...
and it have animation file, the file is in root->Scn->Scene->SceneTestDrawMan_LZ.bin and theres other file that might be some beta stuff in it, like: robot model (it also has animation!), beta room, etc. can you guys find other stuff in it and tell me? anyway i'm just giving information
Posted on 06-25-14, 01:24 pm

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> Right click image
> Inspect Element
> Right click image node
> Delete node

That model is scary alone O.O

I ran out of the room. Seriously...
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Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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Inspect element can be different if you use something else than Chrome, don't forget it.

wtf it's not scary
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