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Posted on 06-17-14, 02:41 pm

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I tried to make a tileset and edit it with Photoshop, but when I see the finished results the flowers are messed up:

I tried to replace the flowers on pallette 0 with the regular flowers, but that just messed up the textures in pallete 1. Please help me as I don't know how to fix this
Posted on 06-17-14, 10:14 pm
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Please provide the image you imported and the steps you took to import it. I'm fairly certain that this isn't a bug in NSMBe and you are just doing something slightly wrong.
Posted on 06-18-14, 03:38 pm (rev. 1 by  TheToaster on 06-18-14, 03:39 pm)

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Well I downloaded a tileset that looked like this

Palette 0:

Palette 1:

And I noticed that the tileset itself had the flowers glitched. So I tried to change this by changing palette 0 with the
correct flowers, but this messed up my palette 1:

New Palette 0:

New Palette 1:


EDIT: Can someone tell me how to put images in spoilers? I don't know how.
Posted on 06-18-14, 03:55 pm
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So hum, first, the original palettes weren't messed up, the game has a limit of 256 colors per palette, so, some tiles may look corrupted on a palette, but not on the other, here, you probably recreated the palette, the color limitation made the colors corrupted. Also, using NSMB DS tiles on Wii tilesets isn't a good idea, since the palette is already full. Try Import Image with Existing palette, and it might somewhat work.
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Posted on 06-18-14, 04:01 pm (rev. 1 by  TheToaster on 06-18-14, 04:12 pm)

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No i used existing palette, not recreate palette. The thing is the flowers were already messed up, so I tried to fix it, but it messed up my palette 1.

EDIT: Maybe someone can fix this issue for me? I will link the tileset. :
Posted on 06-18-14, 04:09 pm
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You should export both images (There´s a button with: "Export all bitmaps") edit them so your graphics fit and then "import all bitmaps". That should work.
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Posted on 06-18-14, 04:30 pm (rev. 1 by  TheToaster on 06-18-14, 04:30 pm)

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Thanks Arceus! It worked!!
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