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Posted on 04-10-14, 04:32 pm
Roy Koopa

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Bug: Opening another Background slot in the Background Browser while importing a Background PNG, the last opened background slot becomes corrupted with no recognizeable image. The slot which was intended to become a new background is still the old one.
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Posted on 04-11-14, 03:08 am

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have u tried...using the latest build?
Posted on 04-11-14, 08:01 am

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Posted by LakituGames
have u tried...using the latest build?

> Implying the bug was fixed in build 377

I can return you the question, because if you took the time to post this, you could have as well tried to replicate the bug on the last build, and realised that in fact the bug is still there.
It would have taken you what, 2-3 minutes at most.

Short version : the bug is still there in build 377.
Posted on 04-13-14, 04:59 pm
Full mod

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Bug has been fixed. The background importer held global variables that kept track of the files used by the current background. These would be overwritten when a new background was opened, and the new background would be written to instead.
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