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Posted on 03-07-14, 07:35 pm (rev. 1 by Nathan M. on 03-07-14, 07:36 pm)

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Hey everybody,
I have recently developed a patch for NSMB DS called "Ultra Bros. DS". This is compeletely free and everything you need is on my website. Every level has been rebuilt and tested. There are tons of other things that are not in NSMB DS. There are new Levels, enemys, music, and tilesets. Spike bass in poison water. Levels of just boss battles (old and new). And you can play around with clones in some toad houses.
You can get the game at my website

A Few More Things To Note:
Ghost Houses are illusoinal. The usually take you back to other levels (Usually full of boos), but they have some new secrets and dangers.
Castles (not Towers) are now just boss battles
Old bosses are now coming back, but harder
There are Backgrounds, Levels, Enemys, Music, and Tile sets unused in NSMB DS
Have fun with a Mario Clone
Spike Bass can now swim in poison water

See more details, legal information, and a download link at my website.
I do not provide a NSMB Rom. You must (legally) find that yourself.
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I did not play your hack yet but I want to say that you should post screenshots or a direct download link. People don´t want to visit an external website every time. Also it would be better if you would use a .nmp patch or a .xdelta patch. But .bps?

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