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Death by cuteness

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Yes I did say that I stopped playing Pokémon, and that still holds true as of today; but that doesn't prevent me for gazing from time to time at Pokénews, does it ?

As you know in Pokémon X/Y the Shiny chances were doubled, from 1/8192 to 1/4096.
Formula :

(Trainer ID ⊕ Secret ID) ⊕ (16 leftmost bits of PID ⊕ 16 rightmost bits of PID) = CID

More information :émon

⊕ means XOR for those who may not know for those who don't know what XOR is altogether.
(Note : since it is exclusively a XOR operation, brackets are not mandatory)

CID (stands for Color ID) is a number that range from 0 to 65535 inclusive.
Up to Gen V : if CID <= 7, the Pokémon is shiny
From Gen VI (and onwards ?) : if CID <= 15, the Pokémon is shiny

You know where I'm going with this.

Bypass Manaphy's shiny check algorithm :

From Bulbapedia : Like the majority of Event Pokémon obtained through Mystery Gift, it was intended to be impossible to obtain a Shiny Manaphy. However, an oversight allows a Manaphy Egg to have a chance to hatch Shiny, but only if it was traded before hatching. This is because Shininess is dependent on the Trainer ID number and Secret ID number, and the game mistakenly attempts to prevent Shininess using the original game's ID numbers instead of the ID numbers of the game that it was traded to.

No this is not the theory I want to illustrate, but rather an example on how Game Freak can screw up badly at times.

This is the real thing :

How Pokémon X / Pokémon Y will interpret a Pokémon transferred via Pokébank and what would be the appropriate response when said Pokémon :
_is not Shiny, is non-Shiny-locked and has a CID between 8 and 15 inclusive,
_is not Shiny, is Shiny-locked and has a CID between 8 and 15 inclusive.

Facts :
Shiny-locked Pokémon who are made Shiny does NOT pass the Pokébank check.
If the game gives a PID that would make a Shiny-locked Pokémon Shiny, the game reshuffle as many times as necessary until it gets attributed a non-Shiny PID.
Before Gen VI, it apply only for those whose CID would be bewteen 0 and 7 inclusive (so those who are between 8 and 15 are unaffected, you'll see what I mean later).
As of Gen VI, it affects those whose CID would be bewteen 0 and 15 inclusive (no possible abuse).

Fun Facts :
A legitimate WISHMKR Shiny Jirachi will not get through the Pokébank check (which means that Game Freak acknowledges it was a programming error lolol).
A Shiny Manaphy does pass though (… … …).

I searched the Internet back and forth and couldn't find a topic about this (but if it exists and my question as already been answered, my apologies then).

My question is, would a Pokémon whose CID is a value between 8 and 15 inclusive would transform into Shiny upon transfer and could that be used to bypass the Shiny-lock ?

I would have tested myself if not due to a techniciality (I sold all my Pokémon games one year ago remember , and don't plan to buy one again anytime soon) but that question is really bugging me.

If Game Freak got this one right though (and somehow I expect them to), I'll tip my hat to them.
If they didn't, 2 reasons :
_Easter Egg (likely)
_or Oversight (even more likely)

So what do you think ?
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Death by cuteness

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Bump + double post, I'm playing with fire here.
I have a good reason though, turns out that I finally have the answer I sought:

So yeah Game Freak did think about that case after all.
Basically if CID of transferred Pokémon is between 8 and 15, its PID is XORed with 0×80000000 so that it stays non-shiny.

Good job GF, except you forgot about poor Spinda since all 32 bits of the PID are used to determine the spot pattern, oops
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