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Posted on 04-04-14, 11:10 am

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I discovered a better 3DS Toad Circuit model:
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Posted on 04-04-14, 11:43 pm

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isn't better, i've tried with that model, but it's road isn't very good made, also i'm already working in the scenary of the track:


i was working in the mario circuit in the past year, but due to some missing things, i've paused it for now.(And no, i did't will use that SKP warehouse bad made models)
Being a role job model is overrated, i'd much rather be hilariously edgy.
Posted on 04-21-14, 07:50 am (rev. 3 by  New Super Wario2 on 04-21-14, 07:52 am)

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The new mkds hacking page
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Posted on 05-11-14, 12:18 pm
banned for pulling same old drama antics

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Posted by StapleButter
For a while, there was a nice interest in MKDS hacking. I'm still surprised it worked so well, given the quality of the 'MKDS course modifier by MKDS'.

But obviously, it died. I guess because Gericom's tool was unreliable and hard to use, model importing is still only possible with software stolen from Nintendo, and lately DSHack died. And of course there's novelty wearing off, as always.

The idea appeared when they found out a DSHack test board running off ABXD, that is still online. Shit can't be done with it, though, as Yami (the server owner) has vanished from the internet.

This gave me an idea. Trying again. But this time, we'd have a proper toolset. Namely, a course editor that is easy to use, and model importing tools (that would also benefit to NSMB since the format is the same).

We'd also have a good knowledge base with all kinds of technical information. Not just "MKDS course shitifer tutorial #54644".

Development would follow the right route. Not adding a billion viewers for random game files and other useless toys. But implementing what the community wants.

Well uh, are there still people interested? There was a nice effort in the beginning, after all.

Besides, MKDS hacking can be seen as a stepping stone to MKWii. Entrance barrier is lower.

Now, I may have got Ermelber and Yoshidude4 back - because I told them about me, Minecrafter4718 and the like posting on DSHack.

This is yet another useless post, although it might not be...
Posted by Del Boy

Enough said.
Posted on 07-24-23, 06:08 am (rev. 2 by nr00t on 07-24-23, 06:10 am)
banned by request, I guess

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Posted by Arisotura
It's the board I mentioned in the first post.

Yami is the only one with server access and she vanished from the internet. And that board is fucked up. Basically that whole shit is going down. The server will die eventually if Yami doesn't come back, be it by getting hacked or just lack of payment.

All I can say is, nearly ten years later, I fucking regret getting into these circles via... that very testboard being a thing that I guess I randomly stumbled upon in like late 2013, and if I could change one thing, I wish I'd never seen that testboard, and become the absolute tormentation and catastrophe that I have become towards people who actually mattered, such as yourself and the rest of the community.

No way back now, though, aside from making as much of a cunt of myself as possible, for the sakes of entertaining some people who find it funny to see me humiliate myself and get into all sorts of fucked up shit.

I won't get under your feet anymore.
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