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So as some of you know I used to be on this site a while ago, But then my computer broke and I said fuq my DS and just give up on visting here. Now I came back to hacking but not for NSMB or any other nintendo game (Well expect I very WIP M64 hack) Now I am hacking sonic 1! Here is a copypasta from

The old post is here:

Sonic North Island (Very Early) Download link:

Edit: old link use one at end of post


I guess I should tell you what all I have done so far!

Rush Hill Zone: 85%

Corrupt Zone: 70% (layouts done, art haven't started yet)

City Boarders: 0% use level select to skip if you feel like it.

Rainy Lakes: 0%

Star Light City Zone: 20% (layout for act 1 is done...)

Robo-city: 0%

Final Zone: 0%

Special stage: 10% (SS 1 is done)

ASM I have:



Double jump

Air-roll: press a in air

Incomplete Scourge: press B on title screen

Some bug-fixes from sonic 1

Alot of music added ( I can't make my own, because XM4SMPS crashes and any before that says I am missing something on my computer!)

Ever act has different song.

MegaPCM driver

That's all I have so far...

Planned Features:

Finish scourge's Art

And more!!!

click this for downloads!:

Credit goes to:

New pictures coming soon!

This Post is very VERY OLD! for more info and to see more newer stuff please click the link at the very top!
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My Hack (whoops link is fixed now):
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Looks pretty good.
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My Hack (whoops link is fixed now):
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