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Doesn't actually do anything.

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Okay let's face it, we need activity. The idea of another contest is something that's been floating around for a while. So here goes.

So here's a thing:

See the tabs circled in red? Other than messing with .nmp pathes, you can't use those tabs. You are not allowed to edit tilesets or backgrounds, and you cannot use external patches and edits.

What this means is that you can only use the resources already in the ROM to make your level.

Here are some quick rules:

1. You may only submit one entry.
2. Your entry must edit level 1-1, which has the maximum 3 areas.
3. Your level must include a midway point.
4. Your level must include three properly working star coins.
5. Patches must be exported through NSMBe, in .nmp format.

Entries will be due 11:59 PM Central Standard Time on February 28th.

Who will be your judges? You will! After the submission period is over, everyone will critique the other players' levels and rate them according to the following criteria:

Level Design (/20): The meat of this contest. How well does your level play? Is it fun, creative, and interesting, or does the player just want it to end?
Functionality (/10): Are there any glitches that prevent the player from completing your level, or otherwise annoy the player? Pay specific attention to the camera.
Appeal (/10): Does your level look good? Is it barren, or well decorated?

Critiques do not have to be incredibly detailed. However, if you're going to make your critiques short, then they need to be to the point. If it is obvious that you didn't put any effort into your critiques, you show obvious bias, or you simply did not do them, 10 points will be deducted from your final score.

Three weeks maximum will be given for critiques after the submission period is over. This means they will be due no later than 11:59 PM Central Standard Time on March 21st.
Posted on 01-29-14, 01:35 pm
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Yeah, I always wanted to join one So now I´m joining to this one.
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Posted on 01-29-14, 02:15 pm
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Ok! That sounds good! I will join
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Posted on 01-29-14, 02:46 pm
Doesn't actually do anything.

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Please keep discussion in the other thread. This thread is just for submissions.

Discussion posts past this point will be deleted. No exceptions.
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