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Posted on 12-12-13, 08:21 pm (rev. 1 by shibboleet on 12-12-13, 08:23 pm)
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This is a level I started a while ago. I wanted to help out with the community and actually finish a level, and so I did.

v0.9 Download
v1.0 Download
v2.0 Download

Average Difficulty Level- 3.5/5

-Various Things

Early Beta Video:

v1.0 Release
-Actually beatable...
-Playable Comet
-Cosmic Clones Removed
-Cameras fixed
-Green stars added (except for 1. 3 isn't reachable, but I want to see somebody find it.)
-Gravity fixed
-More flipswitches on the final section
-Final section has water shooters instead of flame shooters
-More bullet bill launchers
-Spinning platform has more fireballs with it
-4th firebar added on the kameck area
-Ring shooters are red instead of yellow.

v2.0 is released!

After a couple of hours or tweaking and such, I finished v2.0.

-New comet areas
-Comet is beatable
-Cameras fixed
-4th bar accident is fixed
-DeathArea is fixed up
-Blackholes added
-New gravity sections on Area 3
-Better final area launch star
-Green stars added to the level

Video should be up really soon.
It would be worth somebody's time if I could get some +1's for this, because I've worked really hard on this. Because I've gone through a ton of crashes to fix.

Plus, this is my first real finished level made by just me.

What's to come? Anything going to change?
-Intro Camera DONE, but needs to be tweaked.
-Better path support DONE
-Green stars will be finished DONE
-Little bit of camera tweaking DONE
-New Areas/Extended Areas DONE

v2.1 will have bugfixes and such. No big deal here.

Enjoy. I will get out a video as soon as I can. If anybody wants to make a video, go right ahead.
also the file is corrupted so it won't work on whitehole, but it works in-game. heheheheheh. cheaters.
Well this was fixed. But don't look into Whitehole to cheat.
Posted on 12-12-13, 08:35 pm
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It looks cool. I don´t know much about SMG Hacking but I´m sure it was a lot of work.
But I don´t like such hardcore levels.
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