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Posted on 12-07-13, 07:14 pm

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I open my W8.NSBMD for my hack,but it said it's being edited. Not lieing. I don't have the window W8.NSMBMD. is there something to
do to open it or is it a bug?
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Posted on 12-07-13, 07:15 pm
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Try another version of the NSMB Editor. Then this should be fixed.
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Posted on 12-07-13, 07:16 pm (rev. 1 by Thierry on 12-07-13, 07:18 pm)
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Close the editor, open it again, and it will work fine. If you still have the problem, tell us.

I edit NSMB with NSMBe b354, and I get this problem very often, but I don't care, I restart the editor, and it's fine.
Posted on 12-07-13, 07:17 pm
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Look into the Task Manager to see if anything else is running from it.
Posted on 12-07-13, 09:57 pm
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This is a known bug in the NSBMD editor. See bug files always say they are already being edited
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