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Posted on 09-18-13, 04:21 pm

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Ability to import midi files, let the editor do all the stuff like hex editing and all that annoying crap.Then the editor shall automatically convert them into the DS's music format and let you choose which music file you would like to replace.
It would make everyones hacking lives easier if you added this.
Posted on 09-18-13, 04:27 pm
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Hum It will be a good idea...

Lulz it's true, why does the DS use .mdi and .[insert useless extention here]. Why can't it be easier as:

-SELECT [Insert the name of your music here].mp3
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Posted on 09-18-13, 06:06 pm

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To insert mp3 in NSMB is more dificult and there isn't a tool that convert mp3 to sseq, only a midi or wav file it is possible insert in to the game
Posted on 09-18-13, 06:11 pm (rev. 1 by  Arceus on 09-18-13, 06:12 pm)
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Posted by TheUltimateCS
Lulz it's true, why does the DS use .mdi and .[insert useless extention here]. Why can't it be easier as:

You cant force the DS to use another music format. You would have to recode it. Also NSMB is not able to play streamed music so mp3's are impossible to play.
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Posted on 09-18-13, 08:54 pm
Full mod

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This has been suggested before, but it's not very feasible at this point. See suggestion Easier to edit SOUND_DATA.sdat
Posted on 09-18-13, 10:53 pm
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Yep. I'm closing this.

Music editing has been on the todo list since.. forever

Also inserting MP3s or WAVs will never be possible, you'll have to use midis always. And tweak the instruments and stuff manually, if you want it to sound reasonably good
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