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Posted on 09-16-13, 03:54 pm

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Hi people...

I have this bug... I don't know if it is a bug or not...

I have this thread: and on the thread there is a screenshot of the bug. On the same thread Freeze asked me to report it. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or not but since he asked me to report it I decided I would.

BTW the bug is, editing sky03 (Tried it with world 1 only) will make it appear weird in-game.

I tried this on a clean ROM too and same happens

Please fix this. I won't be sad if you reject it for not being a bug. I will just tell Freeze

Though, I only tried it in the current revision...

Please fix this if this is a bug.

Posted on 09-18-13, 12:28 pm
Buster Beetle
Intérieurement fou... ou juste idiot?

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Hm, did you try to use a older version...?
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Posted on 11-03-13, 07:05 pm

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Welp, it turns out to be that the new image I made was actually transparent from one of the corners. .-. Trash this staff. :p
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