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Posted on 09-07-13, 09:46 am
Death by cuteness

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Challenge MOD

This is a simple tutorial about how to change which area will have Challenge Mode or not.

When you make a level you don't necessarily think about Challenge Mode, but problems arise when it prevents you from finishing the level because it doesn't have the same template as the original level in that slot.

This will come to an end now, here is a simple to understand (I hope) guide.

How to change Challenge Mode values :

Step 1 : Open the NSMB-Editor

Step 2 : Go into Tools/Options Tab and click Decompress ARM9 binary

Step 3 : Go to the Filebrowser and open arm9.bin with the Hex-Editor :

Step 4 : Go to the following offset :
0×26AF8 (US) 0×263A8 (JP) 0×26B80 (EU) 0×26B08 (KS) 0×264E4 (CH)

There are 177 (176 in US version) areas in total and each value points to 1 area only, those are in the same order as in the course folder.
As a reminder here is the course folder pattern:
World Numbered levels Letter levels Ghost House levels Towers levels Castles levels Cannon levels

Step 5 : You may want to change a value, this is what each value does :
00 : nothing
01 : Blocks left scrolling
02 : Blocks bottom scrolling

Step 6 : Save

And that's all you have to do to change a Challenge Mode value to one who fits your needs.

Some last minute tips :
_If main area doesn't have Challenge Mode, neither should bonuses areas.
_Bosses rooms and Cannons levels shouldn't have Challenge Mode enabled.
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This is cool!

And it makes me wonder what values the unused levels have, probably 0 = nothing.

EDIT: from your picture, it seems unused level 1 has a value of 1?
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