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Posted on 09-05-13, 03:57 pm (rev. 4 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 02:37 am)

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Hello everyone, in this post I come to present a very useful tool that will allow us to make our own E-cards for the E-world.


• You can make and edit E-level cards. (Only for USA and JAP games)

• You can make Power-Up's, Switch and Demo cards. (Only for USA and JAP games)

• You can compress and uncompress E-levels.

• You can edit Sprites (Beta - Not tested)

• You can edit your save file. (Supports USA, JAP and EUR games)

• The tool includes a conversor for some formats. (BIN, RAW, etc.)

How to insert your custom E-cards in the game:

1) When you have made the E-card open the NO$GBA (preconfigured by me), will open two screens with the same game rom.

2) Click on "File" after click on "Cartridge menu (Files.lst)"

3) A window appears, below in "All machines" have to change it to "Second machine" and press "Ok".

4) Click on "File" after click on "Cartridge menu (FileName)" and open the E-reader rom.

5) Now starts the game and go to the level card.

6) Press "R" to insert a Demo or a Power-Up card or go here to insert a level card.

7) For example I'm going to insert a Power-Up card; press "R", click on "Power-Up Card" and click on "Access saved data" on E-reader for insert the Power-Up card, now wait for establish communication and choose the E-card to insert, that's it! The Power-Up card is inserted correctly.


Solar Magic Advance 0.33 Beta 3 [Current Version]

Preconfigured No$Gba by Tanooki_Mario

Extra Video: [Exclusive Features in World-e]



- LuigiBlood, creator of this magnificent tool.
- Upaluppa, principal supporter.
- CopyRIGHThunter, supporter.

Remember to thank costs nothing, enjoy!
Posted on 09-06-13, 12:36 am
Full mod

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Gah! No ROM links! Feel free to reupload your preconfigured No$GBA with the ROMs removed.
Posted on 09-06-13, 01:34 am

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I remember hearing about this.
However, I don't know for sure if you can make level from scratch. (like in Lunar Magic, NSMBDSe, etc.)

Posted on 09-06-13, 07:07 am

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- Fixed, removed Roms, sorry I did not know, sorry for the inconvenience.
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