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That game is simply awesome. Its from 2003 and still funny. Its an jump'n'run game like mario but with a rooster instead of Mario. The rooster 'Pekka' has to free the chickens trapped by 'The Evil One'. The levels have an big variety with an mixture of Jump and Riddles. The advantage of being similar to mario is you can get new ideas for levels when playing it. And btw the music of the game is just awesome!

But now the great thing:
This game is hackable. It exists an Level Editor for it and just saying it is very cool to edit those levels. Its a bit hard to learn working with the editor but after you learned it the fun can start I will sho you soon which levels I´ve build already

Here are some links:
Here you can download the game and the editor
A tutorials
A sprite editor

One tip:
If you´re using Windows 7 you have to quit the explorer task before playing PK2. If you dont the colours look very weird

Have fun
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Since: 05-01-12 - also, the source code, in case you want to make deeper modifications, like adding new enemies. It's awful source code in Finnish, but it works.

Also, if you have Windows Vista/7, but prefer to not close explorer.exe, you can right click on your desktop, click "Screen resolution", open "Advanced Settings", select "Monitor", leave the window open, and open Pekka Kana 2. Believe me or not, but somehow it works (Windows is strange, isn't it?).
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