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Posted on 08-06-13, 06:12 am

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I'm not even sure if this qualifies as a bug, a suggestion, or me just overlooking something, but I've noticed that if you close out the main editor window while a level window is open (accidentally, perhaps), you then can't reopen the former without closing all windows and restarting the editor. You can't save any levels you may have been working on either. Is it actually possible to do this already and I just haven't found it, or does the feature not exist? If the latter, it would be good to include.
Posted on 08-06-13, 07:30 am
Doesn't actually do anything.

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When I close the main editor window, it automatically closes any other editor windows. I don't see how that could be happening to you.

Can you give some more information, like editor version and OS?
Posted on 08-06-13, 02:38 pm

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I'm using the newest version (build 375) and am running Windows 7.
Posted on 08-06-13, 02:42 pm
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This only happens if you make changes to the level, close the main window, then click cancel on the save prompt. This will probably be fixed in the java port because it seems like a bug in windows forms.
Posted on 08-06-13, 03:04 pm
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Yeah. It's more of a lack of support than a bug in windows forms.

You can run code on the Closing event of a window. Closing the main window exits the app. When you exit the apps, all windows get closed, and their respective Close events are fired. But if one of them is cancelled (clicking Cancel) the window doesn't get closed, the application exiting gets canceled, but the main window is already closed, you can't "un-close" it.

It plain sucks.

It can be fixed, but none really cares about that so much to fix it. I'll do my best to do it properly on the Java port though
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