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Posted on 06-04-13, 06:47 pm
Red Koopa

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Hey there,
I dont know if I am right at this forum,but...I think

I tried to hack New Super Mario Bros. Wii and here is the result:
Its only one Level,but NSMBW Hacking is harder then NSMB Ds Hacking,I think.

The Video is in German,because I come from Germany.

It is named 3 in 1 because you visit 3 Worlds in one Level
I played it on the Dolphin Emulator and thats why the coins and the ?-Blocks
dont move.



I'm out of Hacking. Of ALL HACKING...
I don't know how long, but there are so many reasons why I have no time to be here for a (long) while or to hack some game
sry guys...
Posted on 07-01-13, 10:56 am

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good, i like this
My Youtube channel:
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Posted on 07-01-13, 12:29 pm

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good, i like this

What a post

Please stop bumping a month old thread to say only "good, i like this"
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