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Posted on 07-23-11, 05:00 am (rev. 2)
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You all know that this board, like most AcmlmBoards, lets users have a post layout. This is great, yeah.
But we have to keep a quality standard on layouts, or people will just choose to browse the board with layouts disabled, and then they won't see your awesome shiny layout because of the other guy's eye-hurting layout.

So, some recommendations:
- Test your layout with ALL the themes.
- DO NOT change the text color without also changing the BG color. The text color you choose might make the text unreadable with other themes.
- Try not to use huge logos to advertise your stuff.
- Try not to use dynamic content (not cache-able) like signatures that update automatically. Or, if you do, make sure your host is fast so that pages still load fast.
- Above all, use common sense.

Also, on image hosting:

Choose carefully the image hosting service to use.
Some have a really shitty policy of requiring users to register. (Yes, imageshack, i'm looking at you)

Lately, they're requiring either users to register or me to register this domain. If not, instead of the images, you see a freakin' frozen frog picture telling you to register.

That's a really shitty policy, and they deserve to die for that. I therefore recomend everyone NOT TO USE IMAGESHACK! If you do, many people won't be able to see your images, even if you can. Be warned.

BTW: I'm looking at a way to allow users to attach images and files to posts. That way there will be no need for shitty image hosting.
Posted on 07-23-11, 07:45 am (rev. 1)

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You can actually skip the imageshack thing. When Uploaded the image. Click on the thumb, and then right click view image, taking you to the root url of the image. Copy the url and its done I do this since they began requiring registration. Only have tried in firefox, thought.

All the images from my hack do this.

Posted on 07-23-11, 09:45 am
Roy Koopa

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I prefer Its fast and easy and you have not to register. After the upload, the different links are shown, too.
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Posted on 07-23-11, 10:36 am
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I moved away from Imageshack because they would be slow as shit at times.

Also, proposing a few more layout rules:
* No fucking scrolling layouts. People like those at Xeogaming and it's awful when they post screenshots and other large images. Noone wants to view a 1280x1024 image within a 400x300 box.
* Don't design a layout under IE. Websites designed under IE are standardly broken. (but something tells me this one should be no problem)

Friendly tip, if someone's layout is raping your eyes, you don't have to disable ALL the layouts. Just go to the person's profile, and click 'Block layout' in the bottom, et voila.
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Posted on 07-23-11, 03:19 pm
Buster Beetle

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Pixhost is quick and doesn't make you register.
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