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Posted on 05-08-13, 12:25 am

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First of all, I posted this because there are some patches that the editor can not import into a rom.

-Second, in my hack the logo (made by Thierry) has been written in a different rom (which I'm hacking) but original, the problem is that I can not import the logo to the rom I'm hacking, supposedly the patch is damaged.

-I want to know how I can fix it, because I've tried different ways and still the problem persists. <_<

Thank you very much to everyone who wants to help.
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Posted on 05-08-13, 12:47 am
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You're going to need to be more specific.

Why can't the editor import the patch? Does it throw an error when importing, or does the patch cause the ROM to crash or break? Perhaps you could provide the patch that doesn't work so we can find out what's wrong with it.
Posted on 05-08-13, 03:33 pm
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It's because you're using different regions.
The filename for the logo file changes across regions. It's different in US and EUR.

This is not a bug in the editor.
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