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Posted on 04-21-13, 12:57 pm (rev. 2 by  Hiccup on 04-21-13, 03:04 pm)

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always say they are already being edited when they are not.
Posted on 04-21-13, 01:05 pm
Fire Brother

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Yes, that's a really annoying problem. I've the same problem, by that file. But I have this to by w8.nsbmd. I don't understand that.
Posted on 04-21-13, 03:05 pm

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I have added some others which also do this...
Posted on 04-21-13, 05:43 pm
Super Mario
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Hmhmhm I will have a look, this is an interesting bug
Posted on 05-02-13, 08:17 am
Death by cuteness

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If I might add something, it was still working in build 356 but was broken in build 357, unless you already knew that then disregard this post.
Posted on 01-14-16, 11:52 pm
この記号は… 解読できないよ…

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If you use MKDSe, you can split the .nsbmd into a untextured .nsbmd and a .nsbtx. Then, after putting both back together into a new .nsbmd you will replace the old one with, you will be able to edit it without encountering the error, no matter what NSMBe revision you're using.

To extract/replace the old .nsbmd you fail opening, close and reopen NSMBe, then don't try editing/hex editing the file. Thus, you won't have 'edited' the file, and won't get the 'File is already being edited' error when extracting/replacing the .nsmbd.

I didn't test with every of the files, but it seems to work flawlessly.

Posted by Hiccup

I might add map_dragon.nsbmd?
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