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See the wiki page instead of this

This is a list of sprites, sprite data and objects that work in Mario VS Luigi mode.

* including Download Play
* not including sprites that only work with Dirbaio's sprite enabling hack
* not including sprites/data/objects used in Mario vs Luigi

Thanks to contributors to the old list (

Sprite IDClass IDNameWorks?S. DataSoundNotes
68/69161/162Vertical and Horizontal Moving PlatformYes, but spawns a second laterYes, events not testedN/a-
?/252?/249Banzai Bill and it's LauncherYesN/aUses same as bullet bill launcher-
18684ParatroopaYesNot testedN/a-
28764Enemy-in-pipe generatorYesYesN/a-
243143Roof SpinyYesN/aNo-
23/24/25/2623/24/25/26All Directions of Piranha-Plant-in-pipeYesYesYes-
5766CoinYesYes, apart from bubbleN/a-
5766ParagoombaYesNot TestedN/a-
Pipe CannonYes, but can un-sync the DS consoles under some circumstances , there might be a way of using them while preventing this (rooms dedicated to the pipe cannon)YesNo-

S. Data
Moving Stone Block With SpikesSpikes

NameWorks?GraphicsSoundSpecial Multiplayer Interaction
5 Coin blockYesYesN/a
10 Coin blockYesYesN/a
Coin Outline (Turns into coin when touched)YesYesNo
Mini PipeYesNo (White rectangle, try using normal pipe with mini mario passage above it)N/a
Vine Block/VineYes but Mario does not do his climbing animation - just previous animation before pressing upYesNo
1-Up BlockYes, but does not add livesYesNo
Mushroom Only BlockYesN/aN/a
Mushroom Only If Small BlockYesN/aN/a
PoleYes, but no animations and glitchy with Mini-Mario (because of no animations)YesYes, uses same sound as slipping on iceNone, other than the player can push the other player slowly while on the pole
Conveyor BeltYesYesN/a-
FenceYes, but no animationsNo (white rectangle)NoNone, other than the player can push the other player slowly while on the fence
Horizontal RopeYes, but no animationsYesNoNone, other than the player can push the other player slowly while on the rope
LavaYes, but Mario isn't facing the screen when he does his 'getting burnt' animationYesNo-
SlopesYes, but no animations so uses previous animation before pressing downN/aNot tested-

Normal (as exit from other entrance)YesN/aN/a

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This all is already here: tutorial The Ultimate MvsL hacking guide!
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No, not everything. You can link to this if you want.
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