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Posted on 02-17-13, 01:54 pm

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Yesterday I have jailbreaked my iPhone and I would like to play DS-Games on it.

Is it possible?

If yes please tell me the url of the source for Cydia.

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Posted on 02-17-13, 02:02 pm (rev. 1 by Nadia on 02-17-13, 02:04 pm)

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No. This is not gonna happen.

There would be a chance if you had an Android phone as there is a port of DeSmuME to Android, but even then it will run like crap since phones have nowhere near the specs required to run a DS emulator.
Posted on 02-17-13, 02:06 pm
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Posted on 02-17-13, 05:33 pm

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Oh. Ok.

I should hafe bought an Android phone, not apple crap
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Posted on 02-22-13, 07:41 pm
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iPhone doesn't have hardware to emulate DS. So emulator won't happen. If it would have enough power to play most DS games, then emulator for jailbroken devices would be very likely, but it doesn't.
Posted on 02-23-13, 01:37 am
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It is very likely that even jailbroken iPods or iPhones can't run a DS Emulator. There might be an iOS Emulator but I highly doubt there is.If I were you,I would just jailbreak the iPhone,and play NES Games.
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