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Posted on 12-31-12, 06:15 pm
Red Paragoomba

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Hey, Christ back there.

Last time i worked pretty hard at Mega Man 4 hack (that's the reason why I didn't post anything about NSMB last time). For now I learned how to make custom music, change some AI of enemies, bosses, weapons etc.

Here are also some last clips I've done

More are on my youtube channel.

For now I'm a bit off at this project and not sure when I come back to it (since I decided to move back to NSMB hacking). Maybe in some days near January/Febuary I post demo with all robot master stages redone and some King and Wily stages as well.
Posted on 12-31-12, 06:43 pm

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Hi Crist_93! Welcome back

Ive been watching you megaman hacks videos, and I must say that they look really good!
Looking into playing this megaman hack.

Posted on 01-01-13, 01:02 pm
Fuzz Ball
KirbyFanatic64 (LOL)

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Are they for SNES or GBA? BTW it's awesome!

Great games must be fun, not fancy.

Music Hacker needed! PM me if you wish!
Posted on 01-01-13, 01:19 pm
Red Paragoomba

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It's for classic NES, an 8-bit one
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