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Posted on 12-15-12, 02:04 pm

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I want to get this done so I am asking here:

Look at this page and it's subpages:

And answer this:

I am going to make a page documenting how yoshi interacts with sprites from areas which yoshi is not in.
Should I put "unused Yoshi interactions" as a new sub-page or new section in the main page, or should I make a new section in one of the subpages?

Or what?
Posted on 12-15-12, 09:48 pm (rev. 1 by  TheTicklishYoshi on 12-15-12, 09:52 pm)
Nipper Plant

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Probably a new section in the main page, also I'm curious about it.
Posted on 12-16-12, 01:53 pm

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Yeah, I'll do that and if somebody wants to, they can edit the page and move it.


It might be interesting but maybe not
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