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Posted on 12-10-12, 09:09 pm
Nipper Plant

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The Title says it all, really. I think it would be really helpful and fast if you could search for files by typing in the search bar. Also, adding tags on files would be better, for example:

w8_koopa.nsbmd - The Final Castle.
Posted on 12-10-12, 09:13 pm

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Adding tags could be done easily using a Map. And I am sure it is useful for some people.
Posted on 12-10-12, 09:17 pm
Super Mario
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do you *really* need a search function!?
Files are sorted alphabetically, y'know?
Posted on 12-10-12, 09:18 pm
Nipper Plant

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I think it could be easier though, if I don't know which folder it is in or something.
Posted on 12-10-12, 09:30 pm
Giant Red Koopa

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I agree, I have looked at many tutorials and Im always like: BLARG WHERE IS IT! When Im finding a file... It would make it alot easyer and faster so I want it implemented...
Posted on 12-10-12, 09:31 pm
Super Mario
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Most of the tutorials specify the directory and the file. Sprite Database does too.
The reason I'm not sure about adding it is that I've never needed it, and also the file browser is already full of buttons, I think adding more is a bad idea.
Posted on 12-10-12, 09:34 pm
Giant Red Koopa

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Well still I would find it very useful so many other people likely would...
Posted on 12-10-12, 09:39 pm

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All I have to say is this is a great idea.
Posted on 12-11-12, 12:48 pm (rev. 1 by  MarioSunshine on 12-11-12, 12:50 pm)
Fuzz Ball
KirbyFanatic64 (LOL)

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I think this is two sides of coin.

Search bar is advantage for someone who usually confuses with alike file names, or having a hard time to look up the entire folder to find them. It's also beneficial if you know a part of file name but forget its location, e.g. you know a word "mizu" for water texture file but forget where it's located and cannot guess which directory it should be, search function will come in handy.

But in the other hand, search bar usually unneeded for people who remember its location instead of the name, I mean, does someone can remember the name of the file containing numbers better than its location? I think not. Also, if you are really into editing them, you should know where it is and can locate them easily. That's why this's just a new suggestion to be implemented. In addition, search function can result in bigger editor's filesize. ( And perhaps data usage, dunno about this)

I hope this isn't too boring to read.


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Posted on 01-02-13, 03:29 pm
Hammer Brother

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I LIKE this idea. There are lots of Rom File Browser-files with strange names, where you don't know what it is.
Posted on 02-13-13, 10:37 pm

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I like this idea too. I was searching and searching... Man, what a headache.
Posted on 02-13-13, 10:45 pm
Super Mario
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Directories and files are SORTED ALPHABETICALLY.
There's NO need for a search bar.
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