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Posted on 12-06-12, 10:09 pm (rev. 4 by  Dirbaio on 04-18-14, 05:12 pm)
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Since there seems to be many misconceptions and confusion around how to play edited MvsL levels, and whether Download Play works or not, I'm writing this to clear it up.

There are three methods to get to play modified MvsL levels.

Method 1: Multicart (easiest, recommended)

Place the edited ROM on two flashcards. Make sure it's the *exactly same ROM file*, with same edits and all.

Then, put the flashcards in two DS's, boot the edited ROM in both, and then play.

If you don't have two flashcards, you will have to use one of the other methods. See below.

Why using Download Play is hard

The DS's firmware has a protection that doesn't allow to download modified binaries. It verifies a digital RSA signature consisting of the ROM header and ARM9/7 binaries. The binaries contain hashes for the overlays and overlay tables so it isn't possible to modify these either.

In order for the edited ROM to work properly in all flashcards, NSMBe has to edit certain values in the ROM header (In particular, the total used ROM size, at offset 0x80.) But if this value is edited then we can't play over Download Play anymore.

There are two solutions:
- Use a firmware mod that doesn't check the RSA signature
- Make the editor not modify the header value, which will cause the ROM to break on some flashcards that rely on that value being correct.

Method 2: DS Download Play using firmware.nds (RECOMMENDED if you don't have two flashcards)

The solution: use a firmware hack that allows modifed ROMs.
  • Place the edited ROM and firmware.nds in the flashcard.
  • Put the flashcard in the first DS and boot firmware.nds
  • Take the flashcard out and put it in the second DS (the firmware won't freeze when you do this, it's loaded in RAM and doesn't need the flashcard anymore)
  • Boot the edited ROM in the 2nd DS
  • Do download play.

If firmware.nds freezes with a blank screen, try this one instead. Some flashcards don't like firmware.nds.

If you get a black screen when entering a level, there's something wrong with the level (sprite sets, tilesets, whatever.)

Method 3: DS Download Play with "DLP mode" in the editor (Not recommended)

WARNING: This method WILL NOT WORK with some flashcards. One of them is the DSTT (and clones based off it), but THERE ARE OTHERS THAT DON'T WORK EITHER. If you have one of these it WILL NOT WORK no matter what you do!

Enabling the "Download Play Mode" in NSMBe will cause it to skip editing anything that will cause the signature check to fail: it doesn't modify the ROM size in the header, and it doesn't decompress Overlay 0. Using this, it's possible to get DLP working if you're lucky to have a flashcard that doesn't need the ROM size in the header to be correct.

  • Grab a CLEAN, UNEDITED ROM. (This is important).
  • Open it in NSMBe.
  • As soon as you open it, go to Tools -> Enable DLP-friendly mode and enable it. (Do this everytime you open the ROM in NSMBe)
  • Edit whatever you want. You can import the levels from other ROMs or whatever.
  • Close the editor.
  • Put the ROM on the flashcard.
  • Boot it in one DS.
  • Do regular download play from the other DS.

If the DS doing the download (not the one with the flashcard) hangs at the Nintendo logo after downloading, you have screwed up something. Check again that you used a 100% clean ROM and that you checked the checkbox every time you've opened the ROM in NSMBe. You'll have to start again with a clean ROM.

If the DS freezes with a black screen after entering a level, it can be caused by two things.
  • Your flashcard isn't compatible with this method. If this happens, there's nothing to do. Stop trying. Or try another flashcard.
  • There's something wrong with the level (sprite sets, tilesets, whatever.)

Posted on 12-07-12, 08:00 pm

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I'm not having any luck with this, just a white screen when I load the ROM. Maybe it's my flashcard or maybe I did something wrong but I don't think I did. Have u got this to work?
Posted on 12-08-12, 01:31 pm

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It works fine with my R4. Not with my DSTT though. I will test this with the "R4 Wood for DSTT" firmware on my DSTT.
Posted on 12-08-12, 01:37 pm
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Posted by Shadey21
I'm not having any luck with this, just a white screen when I load the ROM. Maybe it's my flashcard or maybe I did something wrong but I don't think I did. Have u got this to work?

Yes it does work. If it whitescreens on load, the most probable thing is that you have added bytes when pasting, not replacing. You shouldn't add bytes because then all the data in the ROM gets moved, and it won't work.
Posted on 12-09-12, 12:14 am (rev. 1 by  Shadey on 12-09-12, 01:36 am)

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I'm using HxD and still having no luck.

From the picture you can see what I am doing. Copying the first 512 bytes from the original ROM and then pasting them into the one with the edited level but I have a feeling i'm only pasting the first 200 bytes. Does this look ok?

Posted on 12-09-12, 01:09 am
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I did the exact same thing, but when I tested the ROM, it cane up with an error of some sort and won't work.

Don't worry, I always make a backup after editing something
Posted on 12-18-12, 11:02 am

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well im using gei card without hacking and its run just fine...
Posted on 05-01-13, 05:57 am (rev. 1 by  Dirbaio on 05-01-13, 05:57 am)
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Updated the first post with up-to-date information.
So, finally, we can link everyone that has questions related to getting MvsL to work to this thread.
Posted on 11-14-13, 07:41 pm

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This may sound stupid but I can't see DLP enable so could someone post a screenshot? Is it becouse i use NSMB Editor 5.2 Beta?
Posted on 11-14-13, 08:59 pm

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Go to the tools-tab and there you'll find "Enable DLP-Mode" (its a checkbox). Also be sure the use a new version (not something from a year ago or something like that).
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