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Posted on 10-23-12, 04:05 pm
Local mod

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to throw out there there's a new level design contest that just started. You have three weeks to make the best level you can using one of the community hack tilesets (The ruins!). The best levels will be added to the community hack, too.

So join up! Flex your design muscles and have fun doing it.

Here's the official thread.

Hope to see you there!
Posted on 04-20-13, 02:27 pm

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I Do!
Posted on 04-20-13, 05:16 pm
Buzzy Beetle
Just watching...

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I just want to ask something... Did you even look a the date of this thread?
and why would you bump just to say 'i do'???

but i'm just saying....
Posted on 04-20-13, 06:43 pm

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Posted by Sidhak
I Do!

As said above, check the date before you post.
This contest is old and concluded.

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