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Posted on 10-16-12, 08:47 am (rev. 1 by  Hiccup on 10-16-12, 08:47 am)

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I suggest that when you copy from reggie you can paste it in nsmbe for easier remaking of nsmbw levels.
(This is possible).
Posted on 10-16-12, 10:33 am
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Well. Yes it's "possible". But:

- What would you do with objects/sprites that don't exist in NSMB DS?
- What would you do about objects and sprites that are numbered differently? We'd need to make huge mapping tables, for each tileset and one for sprites.
- What about stuff that NSMB DS does different? Sprite data, entrance settings, view settings...

It's not practical at all. Plus its only use would be making a NSMBW remake, which is the most unoriginal thing ever. So no, this won't be implemented.

Thanks for suggesting, though.
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