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ID Class ID Name Last edited by
44 46Fire Snake (unused Actor 46) BL4ZED (rev. 17)
54 57Podoboo (Lava Bubble)PyroPodoboo (rev. 20)
56 65Fire Bar
Rotation: list at nybble 8: 0=Counterclockwise,1=Clockwise
Enable second bar: checkbox at nybble 10 with mask 1
Radius: value at nybble 11
Faster: checkbox at nybble 9 with mask 1. Completes a turn exactly 4/3 times as fast if checked.
 KangWH (rev. 12)
205 107Flame Chomp spawner
Zone ID: value at nybble 8-9
 Hiccup (rev. 2)
254 149Kab-omb
Chases Mario: checkbox at nybble 11 with mask 1. This makes him chase Mario if hit by a fireball/Raining Debris. If not set, he will run left and right. 0 (unchecked) is unused.
 KingYoshi (rev. 3)
266 153Invisible Podoboo (unused actor)PyroPodoboo (rev. 17)