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Posted on 10-13-18, 11:09 pm in new super luigi u the other adventure (rev. 6 by egg salad on 10-23-18, 09:24 pm)
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this hack is a hack of the original game but you can only play as Luigi unless your in the 2-player feature this hack also includes features such as:

-customised world maps
-fully new tilesets with only a few of the old ones
-a multi-player feature (released as its own patch coming soon)
-improved graphics


world 1- 8/8
world 2- 9/9
world 3- 6/9
world 4- 0/10
world 5- 0/10
world 6- 0/11
world 7- 0/11
world 8- 0/12



-newer team

demo download:

(also if any bugs or glitches are found that i missed please report it so it can be fixed and also feel to leave suggestion or ideas)
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