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Posted on 01-16-21, 11:59 pm in Lava Super Mario Bros. (rev. 5 by Joris on 02-14-21, 06:49 pm)

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Lava Super Mario Bros. is the first serious hack I've attempted, and it will be a one-world hack (with a bonus world 2 where levels are backwards)
All the levels in the game will have a Lava/Volcanic theme (The hack contains a theme I've never seen in any NSMB hack: a volcanic beach!)

This hack is inspired by Volcanic SMBU and also all the wonderful hacks the NSMBDHD community made. (:

Here are a few screenshots!

And here is a laggy video of 1-3.

Download (UPDATED!): Download

Progress: 1-1 = Done
1-2 = Done
1-3 = Done
1-Tower = 45%
1-4 = 0%
1-5 = 0%
1-A = Done
1-Castle = 0%
Posted on 02-02-21, 12:44 pm in Lava Super Mario Bros.

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1-Tower still isn't done, but I'm looking for some people to test this out! DM me please.
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