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Posted on 07-07-17, 09:18 pm in wipmodnsmb2 Super Mario Bros. Next - NSMB2 Remastered (rev. 11 by  Gimzie on 03-10-19, 07:56 pm)
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Posted on 07-07-17, 09:46 pm in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
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I mean, I think it would probably be out by the end of the year.
Posted on 07-27-17, 01:15 am in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS (rev. 2 by  Gimzie on 07-27-17, 01:18 am)
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Yeah, I think you should take all the time you need to make sure that Newer DS is, in your view, a good game, that you are happy with, and you think people would enjoy. No need to rush yourself.

Yeah, I'm horrible with these kinds of things, but I felt like I needed to show support.

Overall, good luck!
Posted on 03-10-19, 11:43 pm in tutorial Installing NSMB2 Mods Using LayeredFS
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NOTE: If you have other mods installed, make sure to delete the Luma directory for your NSMB2 TitleID before proceeding.

1. If it isn't already, set your 3DS up with Luma3DS by following the 3DS hacking guide here.

2. Enable game patching by holding SELECT on 3DS boot, ticking the "Game patching" box, and pressing START.

3. Download the mod you want to play, and extract it.
⠀⠀⠀- If upon extracting, you see a patcher executable, you should follow the instructions in the patcher, as this tutorial will not work.

4. Insert your 3DS SD card into your PC, and find your TitleID version from the list below:

NSMB2 Standard Edition:
  • EUR - 000400000007AF00
  • USA - 000400000007AE00
  • JPN - 000400000007AD00
  • KOR - 00040000000B8900

NSMB2 Gold Edition:
  • USA - 0004000000137E00

NSMB2 Special Edition:
  • EUR - 0004000000137F00
  • JPN - 0000400000137D00

5. In your extracted mod directory, navigate to the folder containing many subfolders labelled "Course", "Unit", etc.

6. Create a folder in SD:/luma/titles/<Your NSMB2 TitleID>/ called "romfs".
⠀⠀⠀- Replace <Your NSMB2 TitleID> with the ID you obtained from above.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀- Example directory (for USA Gold):
SD:/luma/titles/0004000000137E00/romfs/Course, Unit, etc

7. Copy and paste all those subfolders into the "romfs" folder.

8. Turn on your 3DS, with the SD Card inserted, and open up your version of NSMB2.

NOTE: The downloaded mod will persist until you remove or rename the "romfs" folder.

Posted on 08-10-17, 12:23 am in modwipnsmb2 New Super Classic Mario (NSMB2 ROM Hack)
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This mod looks pretty decent. Looking forward to it! ^^
Posted on 03-10-19, 11:47 pm in SMBNext: Halloween Special DX (rev. 1 by  Gimzie on 03-10-19, 11:47 pm)
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- One spooky world to explore
- A spooky soundtrack
- Spooky environments and themes
- Remastered levels



Google Drive | MEGA



Posted on 03-11-19, 11:12 pm in Super Mario Maker 2 (Official)
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Modding games is not illegal as long as you do not distribute copyrighted content.
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