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Posted on 01-02-13, 01:07 am in Super Mario Kart Advance(Working Title)

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I thought I can get people to test my hack here, I haven't been working on an NSMB hack though, but I guess I will show what I have done:

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Title: Super Mario Kart Advance(working title)
I'm working on a hack to remake all GBA Tracks for Super Mario Kart, I don't want to use name "Advance" because of Google search and YouTube search, if you would like to suggest a name, please post below and and I'll take a poll at February.
Currently i've only started on it a while ago, But 10 tracks done out of 25. No Music Hacks yet, because it isn't available, yet.

I'm using Epic Edit to edit the tracks.

Videos are at my YouTube channel:jorden98, don't want to post them here because my tablet will freeze up and then I'll half to retype all of this.

Anyway beta 3:
Bowser Castle 1
Bowser Castle 2
Bowser Castle 3
Riverside Park
Early Version of Sky Garden
All Battle Courses

Download Link:
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