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Posted on 08-12-12, 08:56 pm
Super Mario
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Yeah, recognizing Thumb code is harder because it doesn't have the condition field thing
But NSMB (and other DS games) don't use Thumb code at all, it seems. Probably because ARM code is more efficient.
Well, there is some thumb code in the "secure area" at 0x02000000 - 0x020007FF, but I haven't seen it used...
Posted on 02-19-14, 01:15 pm
Dupe of Kinox

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aidez moi comment tranformer ce fichier xdelta en NDS
Posted on 02-19-14, 08:47 pm
Full mod

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Posted by Luffy91
aidez moi comment tranformer ce fichier xdelta en NDS

The board's official language is English and you bumped a thread that hasn't been posted in for a year and a half with an unrelated post. Please read the FAQ before posting.

But to answer your question, xDelta is a type of patch, so you will need the xDelta program and a clean ROM in order to use the patch.
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