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Posted on 03-10-12, 03:21 am
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does anybody have suggestions
for what order things should be done in?

if we start making levels too early,

they might later conflict
with the custom tilesets or ASM hacks

So what order do you think things should get worked on?

should we hold off on making levels
until the tilesets and ASM are done?

or should we work on everything at the same time
and just try and patch it all together in the end?

the first option will
make development much slower but easier in the long run

the second option will allow people to
start levels now but they will need to be fixed later

which one do you think will be best?

or do you have a better idea for the order of all this?

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Posted on 03-10-12, 08:16 am

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We should first make the Tilesets and Backgrounds. After doing this, we should make a List what Tileset-number contains what Tileset and the same with BGs.

Then we can make the levels without conflicts.
Posted on 03-10-12, 12:21 pm
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Exactly, first tilesets and BGs.

Doing ASM hacks first is not that important because if done well, they shouldn't break any levels...
Posted on 03-10-12, 02:58 pm

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Tilesets should be 100% original. That means, we have to paint them? If more people help, everything is possible.
Posted on 03-10-12, 03:31 pm

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Dirbaio: But with ASM stuff, I think it'd be best to at least have an idea of what's gonna done. This example is probably the extreme, but still you get the idea:

(talking about how we should do stuff)
<Darkness> Hmm... That's a tough one.
<~kruto> yeah it really is
<~kruto> like if a tanooki tale is added in later
<~kruto> it could really break some levels

New youtube channel, this one is hacks only lol. Will still be using my old youtube channel too.
Posted on 03-10-12, 07:03 pm
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Well, that's true. But it won't break the level itself, only it's design. So I think it'd be easier to fix.

Posted on 03-13-12, 05:23 am
totally kinda runs irc and the community remix

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yeah my worry about something like the tail
could be used to easily skip parts of some levels

like I dunno what you want to do with the ASM,
but having at least a plan for it would be helpful

that way the level people know what they have to deal with

it's a whole lot easier
to be prepared then it is to fix everything

so it looks like it should go

1. Tilesets (and backgrounds) / ASM

2. Level Design

and music can be done at any time?

I dunno but it sounds good

also are we doing custom blocks?

those would need to be done too so the levels
would actually use them  :P

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Posted on 03-13-12, 09:14 am
Did you win the game?

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Most of those depend on the world themes, We need to agree on those before actually making something.

If the city theme is chosen then I think that a train sprite/block would look awesome.
(No Collision, just a sprite that moves...)
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