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Posted on 06-04-24, 03:50 pm

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that may not be clear enough, i mean the name, developublisher, and icon

there are a couple of games i have that don't exactly have great metadata (ie new mario u ds has the same title as new ds, mario sunshine ds has completely corrupted metadata, i doubt another 2 has different metadata from new ds, etc)

is there any way to edit them?
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The latest versions of NSMBe allow you to edit the game icon directly from the editor, go to the ROM File Browser Tab, double click on "banner.bin", then click on "view in 4pbb format" and there you can import an image of the icon you want the game to have by clicking on "import this bitmap and recreate palette", the image size must be 32x32.

If you want to edit the game title and the developublisher, you can follow this tutorial here.

There's also this tool that allows you to edit both the title and the icon from any DS game you want

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Posted on 06-04-24, 06:08 pm
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You can use DSBuff to modify the ROM header and icon.
You can also use NSMBe to edit the icon in more detail (banner.bin in the filesystem root).

Note that the title shorthand (S.MARIO64DS for Super Mario 64 DS) is limited to 11 characters long.

You won't need this, but I'll link the header documentation while I'm at it. The header contains a checksum that must be correct otherwise the ROM fails to load.
Posted on 06-04-24, 08:23 pm

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