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Posted on 03-27-24, 04:01 am (rev. 1 by  ruigi on 03-27-24, 04:08 am)
Secret Locker

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Spoilers obscure the user panel. (the " ruigi | Edit profile | Private messages | Mood avatars | Log out" thing)

Scroll over this massive spoiler to see the user panel disappear and go over it when it shouldn't. Preferably do this on a 1920x1080px monitor because that's what I'm using. Inside this spoiler are also solutions I made up myself:
Posted on 03-28-24, 04:13 pm
この記号は… 解読できないよ…

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It seems any element using position: relative; will go over it. Can't tell if it's some weird interaction with position: fixed; which it uses.

Posted by ruigi
Solution 1: Make the user panel greater than anything else

#userpanel-placeholder {
  position: relative;
  z-index: 10;

I'd say that's fine. I don't have access to the CSS files the board uses, so I'll add this to every page as a bandaid fix for now.
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