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Posted on 11-30-23, 05:09 pm

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You can change his model but it seems painful. I would like a step-by-step. I wonder if I can make Toadette the owner of Toad Houses for my NSMB hack. I think she really fits for owning Toad Houses
Working on my New Super Mario Bros DS. hack. I can't think of any name for it right now.
World 1: Uncomplete
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Posted on 01-02-24, 04:57 pm
Red Cheep-cheep
I'm somebody doing something somewhere, maybe, I guess.

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Editing the sprite is the solution, what about this thread?

I'm making New Mini Super Mario Bros. as member of the Nitro Team (with  crook,  Digital Cheese,  RetroAleXD and  Mr. Ztardust ). You can download the patch here or contribute.

Join the team #HackingNoMore
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